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Designed to instil a sense of love, beauty and freedom, each MYA piece evokes eternal optimism and is made to wear while making memories. MYA is Inspired by the Ancient Greek muse called “Maia”. Maia was the eldest of the seven nymphs of the constellation Pleiades, symbol of beauty. The month of May, a month of rebirth, nature and flowers takes its name from Maia, celebrating spring and the summer ahead. Specializing in occasion-wear and in house designed prints, MYA philosophy is founded on affordable luxury, designed for the modern woman. The assertive woman who walk downtown full of confidence and ready to conquer new goals and destinations. Affected by her travel experiences, she now gives the sense of beauty and freedom to every modern woman.

Our pieces are designed and manufactured uniquely in Greece. All patterns are proudly designed and sampled by MYA. Each piece has been created with a focus on detail and offers one-of-a-kind pieces that are inherently glamorous, grandiose, and effortlessly elegant. They are dedicated to all women who believe in themselves and want to feel beautiful inside out. Considerately crafted using a pointed combination of both sequin & lace, color & print, all combined to ethereal and recognizable pieces meet at the intersection of empowerment, romanticism and escapism.

Each piece is simultaneously easy to wear and elevated, perfect for your next long adventure, your next “unforgettable” day or a night of dancing. An assertive woman, full of confidence and ready to conquer new goals and destinations. We want each of u to follow us in this journey, chase your dreams and always “Believe in yourself”.

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